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Posted by medium2u on September 5, 2015 at 2:15 PM

The short answer to that is ‘yes’… followed by the obvious question, how do you know?



First, let me get a couple of things out of the way. You do NOT have to have a ‘jolting experience’ in order for your abilities to start flourishing. You do NOT have to have something such as a Near Death Experience in order to begin using your psychic abilities. You do NOT have to have seen ghosts at a very early age. You do NOT have to be a 4th generation Tarot reader… understand?



Do you know when it was that I started paying attention to my own psychic abilities? When I was going through a divorce back in about 2002! I was looking to find out who I was and what my purpose in life was, because, well, when you are living in the dust bowl of Oklahoma, you have to ‘reach out’ to find yourself! One day I am chatting on Oprah’s site with a gal named Deb, and a few days later (through what I now know was my guide’s intervention) I was led to Sandy Anastasi and her Psychic Development classes and BAM… I never looked backward again!! You will have to wait until my book comes out to get the rest of that story.


So many people are under the misconception that if something ‘life threatening’ does not happen to you, you can’t open up to your psychic self. Sorry to burst that bubble. Just not true!! And just because you ‘have had’ that kind of experience, does not make you any more psychic than the next person… what it does do, is gets your attention!



Yes, I have heard folks say “I was not psychic until I had an NDE”. Sorry, I’m just not buying that! Yes you ‘were’ psychic before that… you just needed that extra kick to get you going!



Everyone is born psychic. EVERYONE! How do I know? My mentor Sandy Anastasi told me so! And, I have done my Libra research for many years and I have talked to ‘many’ people. Yup, just talked to people. And everyone I have ever talked to on this subject, at some time in their life, has had a psychic experience! Even those folks who are reading this right now, shaking their heads no…. YES you have! You just don’t know yet that that is what it was.



We are all capable of tapping in to our abilities if we choose to do so, and at any age during our lifetime. It’s really not hard to do. In fact, you are really already tapped in, but you might not be paying attention, or what you have been doing all of your life is just so natural that you would never see it as psychic. It’s normal every day stuff to you.. and that’s true, because psychic ability is normal!



But I could type all day trying to convince people that they are psychic.. not going to do that… I’m just going to list a few things that might help you decide if your own abilities are awakening at this time. Explore these and see if they fit. Take a moment to go back in time and ‘see’ if you did some of these as a child. It’s quite amazing once we realize what we have been doing all our lives, but never thought about it being anything psychic.



Do you ever walk into a room and feel like you don’t want to be there?


Have you ever stood next to a person that made you feel tired?


When other people download their problems, does that drain you of all energy?


Have you ever heard your name whispered, when nobody was there?


Have you ever seen colors around people, animals, plants?


Do you know things before they happen?


Do you have vivid dreams and dream in color?


Have you ever felt someone standing behind you, when you were alone?


Have you ever just known not to drive down a certain street and then found out there was an accident on the road you did not take?


Have you ever been in the car and felt someone sitting next to you?


Have you ever thought of someone, reached for the phone to call them, and they were calling you?


Have you become more sensitive to heat or cold?


Do people seek you out for your advice?


Do you sometimes become overwhelmed by other’s emotions?


Do you know when your child is hurt, before you even get the call?


Do you mentally ‘check in’ to make sure your loved one’s are ok?


Do you sometimes talk to people who have crossed over and expect them to answer?



These are only a few things that you might be noticing if your intuitive side is waking up, and if so, it might be time for you to be learning a little bit about those abilities! Being psychic or learning to use your psychic ability is a wonderful journey, if you understand how those abilities work.



I encourage you to embrace them, learn about them, practice with them and allow them work to your benefit. We live in a very psychic world and it’s so important that we start using the abilities we were born with. It’s part of who you are and can certainly enhance your life’s experiences if you allow it to do so.



One last thing.. a great way for you to start ramping up on your own ability, is to go to Sandy’s YouTube page and check out all of the videos she puts up for you to learn from… does not cost anything except a little bit of your time, and so worth doing that for yourself. Right now, with the way things on the planet are going, her Psychic Protection tips are Key for helping those of us who are sensitive to energies around us. I do one every day!



Until next time, enjoy the process!


In light,


Lisa Freeman


Psychic Intuitive Consultant


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