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I'm Not Your Mother's Psychic

Posted by medium2u on June 18, 2016 at 3:35 PM

Life is a journey…. and today, I am going to share a part of mine with you. Why? Because people are always asking me if I was psychic as a child.. did I know I had abilities… what lead me to become Lisa Freeman, Psychic Intuitive Consultant and Medium instead of someone sitting behind a desk in someone else’s office.


So, here is a little of my story… the rest you will be able to read in my book, I’m Not Your Mother’s Psychic, once I get finished writing it!


As my friend Sandy always says.. “everyone is born psychic”!


So, just some ‘examples’ of my guides showing me the way and introducing me to experiences that would come in handy in my now profession.


As a child I was wonderfully intuitive in sports. The first time I held a tennis racquet, I could play.. the first time I bounced a basketball I could run the court with it.. the first time I played baseball I was a natural… and so on with any sport I dove into. Of course back then it was all about ‘being a gifted athlete’. That’s what people would say. I know now though, that it’s all about being intuitive and just ‘knowing’ where the ball is going or where the hoop is on the court without looking or knowing how to skim the top of the water in a dive.


My entire young adult life I was being shown and taught, how to use my intuitive ability! Of course I did not know that then. Never thought about becoming a psychic. Never even used the word psychic. But…… I would watch Superman and know I could see through walls. I knew that I could wiggle my nose like Bewitched and make things happen. I knew that I could fly like Mighty Mouse, at least in my dreams. So my guides were working that angle also… teaching me without my knowledge.


Are you connecting the dots yet in your own life?


Forward a few years. I went to college on a Tennis scholarship… guess what I was ‘lead’ to study. Psychology and Counseling with an emphasis on Child Development. During my practicums, I worked with Autistic kids. OMG I fell in love with those children! They were some of the smartest kids I had ever had the pleasure to work with, they simply related to the world on a much higher level of consciousness.


Mmmmmmm…. are you seeing a puzzle coming together?


I also worked at a Mental Hospital for around 14 years. That was certainly not by accident! I learned more about energy and exchange working there than I ever could in a book! And I know now, that most of the residents there were not ‘crazy’… they simply had such a highly developed intuitive sense that ‘norms’ did not understand them.


Moving forward again… I had an on the job accident where I lifted a seizure patient several times on an ambulance cot and ripped everything in my shoulder, that caused me to have to go through surgery, not be able to lift much after that, and therefore had to move on to another career. Yup, I think the guides planned that one also. I loved that job. Would have been there forever! So, found a new job and I ended up at a chemical plant driving a fork truck. Yes, really! I was the very best driver and truck loader they had, and I was the only girl. That came as naturally to me as Tennis. It taught me to be easy with chemicals and respect things that were much stronger than myself.


That company got bought out after 1 year and so onward, to my next adventure… a florist. No, I did not work with the flowers, they had me making all of the candy in the store, but, and here is the biggie, I was the delivery person to all of the funeral homes in town. Medium…. funeral homes… get the connection my guides are making? I had to take the flowers and place them around the caskets so they looked amazing! Before that I was sort of freaked out by funeral homes. This gave me permission to start looking at death a little differently and finding the peace in it, instead of the fear. I also occasionally ran into the family as I was placing flowers and they would extend gratitude, and that made me feel good to know what I was doing was making a difference.


That was a temp job and from there, I moved on to the local newspaper office, and guess what I did there? I was the classified ads manager, and also the Legals and OBIT manager! Which meant I had to deal with all of the funeral homes in town and the obits that went into the paper….mmmm… interesting. Now my guides had me involved in the feelings ‘on paper’, of the families of those who had crossed over.


Have I told you how very smart my guides are??


From there I went to work for an insurance company. I was a mail clerk. Most boring job I have ever had in my life!!! Bar none. And I was usually there for at least 10 hours per day… but do you know how my guides worked ‘that’ into the plan? That is when I met Sandy Anastasi through the internet and Starchild, and because I had that no brain usage type of job, I could take Psychic Development tapes with me and listen to them all day long! And I did! Every single day I had PD tapes, or Astrology tapes or Tarot.. whatever I was studying with Sandy at the time, I listened to at work and it kept me sane. And it also showed me a better way of living and using the psychic abilities that I had. No more wasting my time with someone else’s mundane tasks and for what? I was going nowhere fast! So I quit and I moved from Oklahoma to Florida to study with Sandy in person and I have been here for 10 years now.


My guides had a plan and after I began studying with Sandy, I started to ‘get that’, and understand and I acted upon it!


Ok, so I am not saying that you need to quit what you are doing and move to Florida, but rather to look back over your life… ‘see’ what you have been lead through and to, and ‘feel’ if where you are now, is really where you are suppose to be.


I bet if you take the time to go back over what you did in your past, you are going to see things that might have taken you a different direction if you had listened to that ‘still small voice’ inside.


And here is the beauty of life… you have choices. You can change things. You can be somebody else in this life if you so choose!


The information is out there, folks. Learn it, live it, be it. Do not waste who you came here to be! You owe that to ‘yourself’!


It really is all up to you!

In love and light,

Lisa Freeman

Intuitive Consultant

[email protected]


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