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Can We Really Connect To The Other Side?

Posted by medium2u on May 17, 2010 at 11:07 PM



We do this all of the time, but because we don't think of our experiences as connections we sometimes ignore what we heard, felt, saw - knew......


Take a trip back in your own mind and remember the times when you felt someone standing behind you only to turn around and find empty space (or at least you thought it was empty). Recall the time you suddenly smelled the perfume your mother used to wear, as you are sitting in your car alone. And how many times have you said, "Okay, Dad, where did I leave my car keys?" and then had a hunch where they were and found them there?


All of these examples are what I call simple connections to the other side. It takes no effort on our part for these things to happen, but it does take an acceptance, awareness, and acknowledgement if we want these experiences to grow stronger and more frequent.


Mediumship and channeling IS that acceptance and awareness.


As a trained professional medium through the Anastasi System of Psychic Development, I have learned how to make that connection very safely, and to do so in a way that respects those who have crossed over. And when that door is open, it allows me to be able to hear, see, feel, and sometimes taste, as a way of gathering information from the deceased person. Through that means of communicating with them, I am able to pass along what I am experiencing to my clients, which will hopefully be healing sessions for them.


I am asked all of the time why I choose to connect with those who have crossed over. Why would I want to open myself up to the other side? My answer is always the same: Because the very first time I realized that my father was still available through spirit and that connection brought to me this amazing, warm, peaceful feeling knowing that he was okay, I knew that it would be selfish not to share that type of experience with other people if I could. And I can, and I do. And every time a client 'gets it' and he begins to understand the process, it's an amazing experience for all of us involved in the session.


I do joke a lot with telling folks that I "talk to dead people." But then really, don't we all?


Have an awesome week!




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