Lisa C. Freeman ~ Intuitive Consultant ~ Psychic Development Coach ~ Teacher 

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Psychic Intuitive Consultant

Life Coach/Mentor

Energy worker with Animals

Certified Teacher & Online Coach of

The Anastasi System Of Psychic Development

Author - Blogger

    "Choose today to see things you closed your eyes to yesterday and it

shall light the way to a much brighter tomorrow"! 

Lisa C. Freeman
Born a left handed Libra, I have always worked to bring balance and harmony into my life as well as the lives of others. I have been an Intuitive all of my life, although I was well into my adult years before I began a career as a Professional Intuitive Consultant, Medium, and Energy Therapy Professional for Animals. As an Intuitive Consultant, I am constantly seeking to help my clients through channeled consultations which offer constructive advice through observation, my guides, my life experiences and my educational background.

I have a strong skill-set for bringing forth new, different, and interesting perspectives to many of the challenges my clients may be facing.

I truly love my work with both human and animal clients! In my world there is simply nothing more rewarding than knowing you have helped to bring someone to a higher level of themselves!
I was always fascinated with how the mind and body worked as a child, so I attended college focusing on Psychology and Counseling with an emphasis on Child Development. That gives me a 'huge' amount of educational background to do the work I do today!

My early interest in Child Development still continues and has given me the skill set to work with younger people who may be having psychic experiences that they and their parents don't fully understand. Working together as a team is the best way to explain what is happening and to influence a positive outcome for the child!
After college, I worked hands on with adults and teens at Western State Hospital for 13 years... a Mental Institution in Oklahoma. That experience brought with it a great deal of insight into how amazing the human body and mind are, and all that we are capable of if we will only get out of our own way enough to explore new possibilities. In my Intuitive Consultations with my clients, that insight brings a profound depth of knowledge to the table!

Another Major influence in my life while living in Oklahoma was when I made the choice to step out of my comfort zone and into Taekwondo! I was about 36 at the time and everyone else was under 16. I wanted to run out of the door as soon as I walked in, but then I met Sensei Kim. Kim was not a person who allowed you to even 'think' about quitting on yourself, and through that experience in those classes, I learned so much about who I was 'inside' and that I 'could' overcome many obstacles in my life if I simply faced them straight on! I believe that everyone who comes into you life touches you in some manner... and Kim certainly had my admiration and respect as she pushed me to be my best! I attribute a lot of my Coaching Skills today, to what I learned from that class years ago.   
Many of my clients ask how I began working as a Professional Consultant. After years of amazing psychic experiences (that we all have had at one time or another), I accepted that I had an ability within myself that needed to be brought to the surface... acknowledged, embraced, nourished and trained. I searched for someone to help me understand what I was seeing, hearing, feeling, and I was led to my Mentor and good friend, Sandy Anastasi, Founder of 'The Anastasi System of Psychic Development', and a Future-Oriented Psychic Channel. Sandy is the only person who John Edward, Psychic Medium, claims as his teacher.
Studying Psychic Development with Sandy sparked my interest in learning more about Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Reiki and Pet Energy Work. Today I have over 1000 classroom hours of study in Psychic Development alone, first as a student under Sandy's tutelage, and later as a Teacher of Sandy's System. 
I have been a Professional Intuitive Consultant for many years now and I love what I do! I combine my diversified and ever expanding Metaphysical knowledge and over 60 years of life experience as a born Intuitive, to help those who come to me for readings and insight. It is a passion and a responsibility that I do not take lightly!

I am a fully Certified and Licensed Teacher of the Anastasi System Of Psychic Development and I head up the Self-Study PD Coaching Program on Sandy's site:
When I am not helping my clients are students, I enjoy reading, writing, spending time at the beach, quiet meditation time and continually learning about the metaphysical world and all that it has to offer. Currently I reside in Florida with the love of my life, my Little Pekingese, Baby Laney.